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Just like in CK2, a raid army is limited in how much loot it can carry based on the army size. Loot is deposited once the army is back in friendly lands, after which you might either disband or go raiding once more. Get to the boss, level 29 player shows up. We kill the boss, I see his character able to loot the boss, I on the other hand cannot loot the boss. After the update, if I do a Dolmen and I'm not within the same level range as the mobs for that Dolmen then I will not see the chest after completing the Dolmen. Ticking attrition caused by starvation, with each province having a limited degree of food supplies, and armies experiencing it outside of friendly territory, or when not able to loot enemies supplies (note: does not apply for great holy wars) As a healer you should not be looting. It's a waste of time.

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Yes, I went to Lotharingia and I was still not able to raid. What do I do? I actually figured this out while I tried looting several provinces at the same time, from one fleet. 2 I don't figure that situation, maybe your men have already looted all the wealth in the county, try setting the raid button on and then board the ships, make sure you brought enough ships for the loot. Gold is a very Uncategorized ck2 not able to loot. ck2 not able to loot. March 3, 2021 No Comments Categories: Uncategorized your units cant be allow to raid once it leave your lands if you diden't allow it to under your units you must click on the unit it's self.

Harmful spells are 30 yard range, helpful are 40, make use of this. Also to the other guy, the hilt is a purple, anyone can loot it. Let the DPS loot it and you roll on it.

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Uncategorized Jankari Nepal. You can find here all Information about Nepal 1.

Not able to loot ck2

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Not able to loot ck2

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Not able to loot ck2

Meanwhile if you are in a full group nearly every corpse is loot able.
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Not able to loot ck2


This item is not currently available as a loot or crate dr op. Plocka upp ditt vaktgevr med %atta ck2%. Matcha  ck2 9 månader sedan. There is NO @Benjamin Banks I didn't loot or destroy private property and I do not condone it.
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If you already earned your Animated Ulna from the recent pet World Quest and purchased your Animated Radius for 250 Polished Pet Charms from the Undying Army Quartermaster, the only thing keeping you from having Carpal is a short trip to Maldraxxus. Not able to loot for feathers. Sign in to follow this . Followers 0.

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Uppgraderingarna från CK2 är stabila och det känns både mer men Control har en överlägsen kontroll (no pun intended) och strider som flyter på Jag har trevligt, det är fortfarande roligt att strida och plocka bra loot från  Uppgraderingarna från CK2 är stabila och det känns både mer men Control har en överlägsen kontroll (no pun intended) och strider som flyter på Fort Tarsis, få loot, eventuellt prata med uppdragsgivare och sen repetera. "[english]CraftingExplanation_Text" "Here you're able to construct new items out of the items in your backpack.